透過誠品酒窖及誠品食尚等網站,迅速精確地將品質優良、風格獨特的酒藏、生活用品與食品等產品資訊傳達給消費者及企業,並於誠品敦南/誠品信義/誠品綠園道/誠品南西/安和設有自營誠品酒窖門市與誠品咖啡及Tea Room,提供優雅的品酒與餐飲空間。

Food Services Division

Our company provides high-quality products and professional service, integrating art into life to make taste accessible.

Established in 1974, with the philosophy of “bringing good things to life,” we are devoted to introducing global premium professional kitchen and laundry appliances, unique and stylish hotel supplies as well as delicate foods and wines.

Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity; Quality, Specialty, Service

Supplying professional kitchen, laundry, and coffee machines as well as the whole project-based package, including design, sales, installation, and after-sales service, we are well received by the industry because of our reputation and professionalism. Furthermore, we sell supplies like minibars, tableware, and detergent as well as exquisite foods, such as coffee beans, tea, mineral water, and wines.

Our main customers include hotels, fast-food restaurant chains, coffee shop chains, Chinese and Western restaurants, staff canteens of large enterprises, sky catering companies, and hospitals.

We have branch offices in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung to provide our customers with timely service.

We are the experimentalist who integrates art into life and appreciates life; we are the promoter who popularizes quality goods.

Through the websites of eslite Wine Cellar and eslite Gourmet, we instantly and precisely convey the information of excellent and unique collections of wines, supplies, and foods to the consumers and enterprises. We also create elegant environments for wine tasting and dining at our own wine cellar retail stores , as well as eslite Café and Tea Room, in eslite Dunnan, eslite Xinyi, eslite Park Lane (Taichung), eslite Nanxi, and Anhe.