Urnex的每項產品代表著高標準的品質、穩定性及效能。Urnex承諾協助每個客戶可沖煮出最高品質的咖啡,"No More Bitter Coffee"是Urnex對全球客戶的使命。

Founded as The Royal Urn Bag Company in Manhattan in 1936, the company's original focus was the manufacturing of cloth coffee filters and aluminum rings for traditional coffee urns. Soon after the company's founding, there were repeated requests for an easy-to-use product which could clean coffee urns and decanters on location. Until that time, service of coffee equipment involved transporting brewing equipment and glass pots from the retail location back to the roaster where maintenance and cleaning were performed. Urnex now export our products to over 67 countries around the world.

From the beginning, Urnex® products have represented the highest standards of quality, consistency, and effectiveness. Urnex is committed to helping people everywhere brew and serve the best coffee. We have evolved to better serve customers worldwide by always maintaining the passion for coffee and standards we were founded on: no more bitter coffee.

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