1937年Heinrich Gertsch成立HGZ AG,經過了8年的努力,HGZ第一台咖啡機問世。1959年將專利品牌"Bravilor"賣給荷蘭公司Verheijen。在瑞士,Bravilor Bonamat濾泡式咖啡機持續由HGZ銷售。1969年HGZ接管瑞士競爭對手Rex並建立新品牌Rex-Royal,成為全自動咖啡機推展至全球市場成功的基石。


HGZ AG was founded in 1937 by Heinrich Gertsch. Just eight years later the first coffee machine by HGZ came onto the market. The licence for the brand Bravilor was sold to the Dutch company Verheijen in 1959. In Switzerland, the filter coffee machines branded Bravilor Bonamat are still being marketed exclusively by HGZ. The takeover of Swiss rival Rex in 1969 and the establishment of the Rex-Royal brand paved the way for HGZ to successfully get a foothold in the global marketing of fully automated coffee machines.

In the past 75 years the requirements for the efficiency, performance and environmental compatibility of our products have dramatically changed.

Today, coffee machines should not only prepare the perfect coffee, but also take pressure off humans and the environment.

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