Necta 在義大利持續製造與生產多功能的咖啡機,確保每一台咖啡機都能擁有實用性與貼近人性的功能。Necta不斷地創新,每個產品皆提供卓越的商品價值與當代義大利式高雅的設計,多樣化的咖啡機種,讓您在不同場合皆能製作出高品質的Espresso、口感極佳的卡布奇諾、滑順的熱可可與熱茶。

N&W proudly manufactures all its multi-drink dispensers entirely in Italy, ensuring fine Italian craftsmanship and care is taken with every machine. Always pushing boundaries with its innovative thinking, Necta products provide exceptional value for money combined with elegant and contemporary Italian design that guarantee a wide variety of hot dispensed drinks, such as authentic espressos, frothy cappuccinos, smooth hot chocolates and teas.

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