Lavazza為全球重要的烘培商之一,目前是義大利的領導品牌,市場佔有率48%。Lavazza 成立於西元1895年,創始人Luigi Lavazza將Lavazza從義大利Turin一間小雜貨店帶領到跨國際的企業,將義大利高品質的espresso帶到全世界。Luigu Lavazza是第一個將不同咖啡豆混合新觀念帶入市場,結合不同產區咖啡豆的香氣與風味,為整個市場帶來新的概念。今日Lavazza已是全世界義大利Espresso高品質的代表。


Lavazza is one of the most important roasters in the world, a leader in Italy with a 48% share of the retail market in value. Lavazza started by Luigi Lavazza in Italy in 1895, in a small grocery store in the heart of historical Turin. This is an adventure that has now become a powerful international presence, one that has brought the tradition of the finest Italian espresso around the world. Luigi Lavazza, with his pioneering spirit, first invented the concept of the blend, the art of mixing coffee of different origins to obtain a harmonious, flavorful product. Today, Lavazza is the leader when it comes to quality and is the symbol of Italian espresso representing so the Italian identity worldwide.

Its success has been underpinned by constant research and attention to market needs, not forgetting a watchful presence in the local market. Today Lavazza coffee is available in international markets (in both the in-home and away-from-home sectors) thanks to the support it receives from its subsidiaries and authorized distributors located around the world.

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