STAATL. FACHINGEN的水源汲取於德國陶努斯山區(Taunus Mountains)地下約400公尺深的水脈。經過了數百年的精煉,使周圍的岩層不斷地將人體所需的礦物質和微量元素溶解其中。又因岩層隔絕了污染源,造就了STAATL. FACHINGEN溫和且天然純淨的甘泉美味。

STAATL. FACHINGEN堅持使用玻璃瓶包裝,不易變質且較符合環保概念。喜愛葡萄酒的鑑賞家們更了解到,在享受美食美酒之時,飲用經適度冰鎮的STAATL. FACHINGEN礦泉水,可以使水、葡萄酒和食物的味道達到最完美的結合。

The source of STAATL. FACHINGEN is from Taunus Mountains in Germany. Through hundreds of years, the water was famous for its smooth, pleasant taste and its extraordinary mineral qualities.

Best premise for a light hearted way of life. Staatl. Fachingen not only promotes your health proactively - it is also premium water with a first class taste in a well-designed bottle.

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