擁有豐富的經驗: Compak每一台咖啡磨豆機皆有著超過50年的經驗。

手工: 所有的咖啡機是由手工組裝。

著名的設計: Compak磨豆機由世界頂尖優秀的工業設計家設計出獨特與多功能的機器。

寬廣的產品線: 我們提供多種專業型的磨豆機,消費者可依照各種商業需求選擇適合自己的機型。

嚴選機器用料品質: 所有Compak零件防磨損,經過長時間的使用不易損換,並且符合安全及衛生標準。

品質認證: Compak 獲得ISO9001認證與國際認證,Compak產品銷售到全世界

COMPAK was created, with the objective of manufacturing high quality coffee grinders targeting roasting masters and all good coffee lovers, the lovers of espresso.

Why Compak?

A wealth of experience: Behind each Compak coffee grinder is over 50 years' experience.

Handmade: All our machines are assembled by hand, part by part.

Prestigious design: The exceptional beauty and functionality of Compak coffee grinders comes from the creative talent of world-renown industrial designers.

Wide product range: We have one of the most extensive ranges of professional coffee grinders available on the market, adapted to grind any type of coffee for any type of business.

Materially unique: All Compak components are designed to withstand wear and tear, and remain unaltered with the passing of time. All materials comply with the most demanding safety and sanitary standards.

Certified quality: Compak was the first company in the sector in obtain the ISO 9001 certificate as well as the most important and demanding international certifications that allow us to sell our products all over the world.

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